Promoting Economic Justice for All

Measures of Success 


Increased entrepreneurship, especially among those undeserved by traditional capital markets

Women (if VT women chose business ownership at the same rate as men, it would result in more than 10,500 new businesses*)

Social Entrepreneurs

Food/Farm/Forestry entrepreneurs and business in rural communities.

Creation of Vermont pooled investment fund

First of it’s kind in the U.S.

Unites the 99% and the 1% for 100% community in capital.



Responsible Corporate Citizens

Business owners deep roots in their communities

Proximity and transparency with local investor base drives socially/environmentally conscious decision-making

Volunteerism and civic engagement encouraged among employees.

Engaged Wealth Advisors

Social ROI accepted as commensurate with Financial ROI when evaluating investment opportunities.


Use of Initial Funding


Design/Development/Execution of Educational Materials

Videos, Webinars, Step-by-Step Guides (Printed and e-version), Templates and other Technical Assistance (Articles of Organization, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, etc.)

Team Development

Consultant fees, admin and operations.