Promoting Economic Justice for All

Helping Individuals & Communities Invest in Our Common Future


The Initiative for Local Capital is an innovation lab that promotes economic justice and supports the growing movement for democratic access to capital. We envision a future where the circulation of wealth within a region cultivates strong, vibrant, and resilient local economies, a greater sense of place and community among citizens, and financial well-being for all.

Our mission is to create democratic investment opportunities, educational tools and resources, and inclusive networks that support all members of a community to invest where their hearts and homes are.


The Challenge


Access to capital is a challenge, especially for women, people of color, and rural communities as wealthy investors tend to overlook these groups.

  • Less than 3% of venture capital goes to women entrepreneurs

  • Less than 1% to black entrepreneurs


Crowdfunding platforms and peer-to-peer lending networks offer limited investment opportunities to people of more moderate means but barriers still remain

  • Lack of democratically structured local investment opportunities

  • Appropriate and accessible financial education


Our Solution

Invest Local

As more Americans engage in place-based savings and investments, it will encourage entrepreneurship among people who might otherwise struggle or even abandon a business plan because they don’t have access to start-up or growth capital. Increased local investment will foster resilient, regenerative communities and economic justice for all.


How you can help



Create an educated and motivated community of local investors you might have wished for your business.


Identify/make introductions to individuals or groups who’ll be interested in Local Cap’s programs and resources.