Our Projects

Designed to foster democratic access to capital, spur entrepreneurial growth and support strong, vibrant local economies


Save Local Campaign

Financial literacy and awareness campaign to help Americans take an easy step toward investing in themselves and their communities. Designed to improve household savings rates while increasing local lending pools at locally-owned banks and credit unions across the U.S.


Community Investment Funds

In collaboration with Cutting Edge Capital and the National Coalition for Community Capital, Local Cap helps communities define the legal, financial and operational structure to pool money from citizens to invest in local entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Investor Education Networks

Welcoming and inclusive forums to learn the “How To’s” of local investing, to connect with other citizen investors, and to share investment opportunities. Special focus on Women Investor Networks to facilitate women investing in women.


Measures of Success 


Increased Entrepreneurship: especially among women, people of color, social entrepreneurs, and food/farm/forestry entrepreneurs in rural communities

Responsible Corporate Citizens:  business owners with deep roots and accountability in their community



Engaged Citizen Investors: creating a regenerative cycle of wealth that builds Social Return on Investment (ROI) alongside Financial ROI