Promoting Economic Justice for All

Helping to align our money with our values


Our Mission

The Initiative for Local Capital is an innovation lab that promotes economic justice and supports the growing movement for democratic access to capital. We envision a future where the circulation of wealth within a region cultivates strong, vibrant, and resilient local economies, a greater sense of place and community among citizens, and financial well-being for all.

Our mission is to create democratic investment opportunities, educational tools and resources, and inclusive networks that support all members of a community to invest where their hearts and homes are.


Our Beginnings


The Initiative for Local Capital grew out of the Invest Local education series started by Milk Money in 2015. Over the years, we discovered a strong and growing desire among people from all walks of life to learn about how they can put their savings and investment dollars to work for themselves and their local economy by investing in local businesses. We created Local Cap to deepen and expand the educational programs and tools that will help increase the financial literacy of those wishing to invest their money where their hearts and homes are.


In addition to charitable giving, we can put our money to work for ourselves and our communities by investing in local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Janice Shade, Founder


Our Team


Janice Shade


Seasoned social entrepreneur with 13 years experience creating local economic resiliency through for-profit and nonprofit ventures including Local First Vermont, TrueBody Products, Milk Money and the National Coalition for Community Capital.

Beth Sachs

Board Chair / Founder and Executive Director (retired), Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Co-founder and former executive director of VEIC. As a leader in energy efficiency and passive solar work for more than 40 years Beth has made it her life’s work to combat climate change, advocate for social justice, and create a progressive and flexible workplace.


Eli Moulton

Board Member / Attorney and Managing Member, Moulton Law Group

Representing businesses throughout the country, from small start-ups to nationally known venture-backed tech companies, Eli’s law practice involves providing sophisticated corporate legal advice across a wide spectrum of businesses and transactions.

Jake Ide

Board Member / Director of Investment & Philanthropy, Vermont Community Loan Fund

As director of investment & philanthropy of Vermont Community Loan Fund, Jake is responsible for its fundraising, capitalization and communications strategies.